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About CJ


I am a mindset, nutrition and training coach for women as well as an author of two books, TV presenter, expert female empowerment mentor and personal trainer. 

I am the CEO of The Naked Warrior which delivers 3 winning online coaching programs and Founder of The Naked Warrior  Tribe online community to empower women plus I am the author of The Winning Formula :Discover the Secrets to Unleash Your Alphafemale and The Winning Physique:  How to Get the Competitive Edge on Stage.  

I have previously featured in Marie Claire, Clean Eating, Bride to Be and Essex Baby plus I created and presented an online TV channel for Australia and NZ’s largest Personal Training Franchise.  

I have worked in the health and fitness industry, across a few continents, providing nutrition, training and coaching programs to individuals and groups since 2002 as well as educating and teaching those wanting a career in fitness. 

I have competed as both a figure and bikini competitor at city, state and national level with 1st place and top 3 wins.

In 2014 when I had my son, I discovered a lack of support and accurate information was available to women who wanted to stay active during pregnancy as well as return to exercise safely after having their baby so I created CJ’sFitbumps to help support women through these stages of their life.  CJ’sFitbumps focuses on nutrition and exercise in the pre and postnatal periods through one to one online coaching, personal training or in the form of group classes such as pregnancy relaxation, buggyfit and postnatal fitness training.

Having experienced a few curve balls that life throws sometimes, I found myself in a place where it was sink or swim and there was no option to sink so I used my passion and dedication to fitness and healthy living to help me drive forward.  I see other women struggling with situations that they do not believe they can move on from and this created a fire within myself to empower and support them through change by helping address their limiting beliefs. 

I now work with women who are a little bit fierce and have a fearless element to them that want more from their health, nutrition, training and life.  Women who are committed to releasing their inner roar and stepping into their alphafemale power!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s do this! 


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