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Being a Healthy Mum Doesn’t Have to Be Exhausting.

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  • Do you want to stay active and healthy during pregnancy yet not sure what is best?
  • Are you looking to get your body and sanity back after baby has arrived?
  • Does the stress of being a new or first time mum plus lack of sleep cause you to overeat?
  • Does broken sleep, juggling multiple hats or low energy prevent you from exercising?
  • Are you feeling unsupported and is this impacting your health goals?

If you have answered yes to any or all of the above one of the following personalised programs can help you!

What to Eat and How to Move in Pregnancy

  • What to eat during each trimester and why this is important
  • Safe exercises for each trimester, how to adapt current exercise routines plus which exercises to avoid
  • Relaxation techniques and how to prepare for birth
  • How to set your mind to become a mum plus love your body and bump

Get Your Body Back after Baby

  • How to check yourself for separation and manage any diastasis issues
  • How to return to exercise safely
  • How to manage exercise and nutrition in the postnatal period whilst sleep-deprived
  • Coping with breastfeeding and exercise

As your Pre and Post Natal Health Coach, I will listen carefully to your needs whilst understanding the struggles you face as a mum.  I will teach you what to eat that’s best for you as well as how to move both during and post-pregnancy to ensure wellness and vitality for both mother and bub. My goal is to help you create healthy habits early in your child’s life to enable their optimal growth and development into adulthood.

I am available for one to one personal training sessions and online coaching plus provide a range of classes that are suitable during pregnancy and after baby has arrived. 


Prenatal Coaching

Weekly sessions covering everything from nutrition, exercise, considerations, adjusting to pregnancy and how to have the healthiest pregnancy and prepare for easy labour as well as advice on transitioning into life with a newborn


Post Natal Fitness

For mums returning to exercise after receiving medical clearance.  Blend of gentle exercise with a core and pelvic floor focus.


Pregnancy Relaxation

A relaxing blend of gentle stretching, breathing and meditation that allows you to unwind, get some you time and connect with your baby.

Bump Fit – a low impact session for all stages of pregnancy that focus on keeping you fit

Mum and Baby Fitness – full body workout to strengthen and tone with low impact cardio to increase fitness.  Bring baby along to join in your workout!

For more information on class times, PT sessions or to make a booking please contact me using the contact form below