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Find Your Fierce

  • Are you fed up of not feeling in control with your eating and exercise?
  • Do you want to lose the obsession with the scales?
  • Do you want to learn the secrets to creating the habits to love your body and your life?
  • Do you want to feel empowered and confident ever

Learn to live fearlessly with this 4 week course designed to teach you how to build the foundations to get the results you want with your fitness, health and life focus.

This online 4-week program helps you build the essential foundations to help you get the result you want with your fitness, health, positivity and focus.

What You Get

  • Strategies that you can implement NOW to get you closer to your goals
  • Accountability and mindset coaching to push through limiting beliefs and barriers that are restricting you reaching your potential
  • Private members group of like-minded fearless females that provides support, relatability
  • Educational resources and online workouts to motivate you to move daily
  • Personalised journal to support your journey and track progress
  • A handle on your emotions and triggers to stressful situations
  • Connection to your purpose and an energised life!

If you are truly ready to feel strong emotionally and physically, to feel confident and empowered daily then this is for you. 

This course will teach you how to create the habits to finally get you the result you want, not only with your health and fitness but also with your confidence and the way you talk to yourself.

It’s time to get reconnected to you, to be empowered to do anything you can dare to dream of and lose the mental junk that is holding you back.

Week 1

Assess mindset and beliefs around food and nutrition plus identifying triggers and behaviour that could be sabotaging desired results or effecting self confidence. Look at emotional eating patterns and learn the best way to eat for you.

Week 2

Importance of creating a gratitude practice and tips to create a positive mindset – will look at self talk and importance of language
used to talk to oneself and the words used as well as how to change this

Week 3

Importance of a healthy fit body on a healthy mindset, why feeling fit is to feel empowered and strong plus learn how to prioritise fitness and daily activity

Week 4

Creating a plan of what you want and how to get it. Learn how to connected to your purpose and passion plus why this is important for feelings of self worth and value and how empowering yourself impacts every aspect of your life in a positive way