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Race Fit

Do you want to improve your racing performance behind the wheel?

Are you ready to get RaceFit and set yourself up for success?

Claire is a leading nutrition and training coach for women in motorsport, her unique skills and experience of over 20 years in the health and fitness industry alongside her own racing career in karting provides the knowledge and experience relevant to the specific dynamics that motorsport racing demands.

Claire is the Nutrition and Training Coach for Veloce Driving Academy, is one of the key experts within the Formula Woman Health and Fitness team where she provides nutrition support to all competitors as well as bespoke RaceFit programs on a 1:1 basis plus is a Team Sport Karting and BIKC (British Indoor Karting Championships) Ambassador and competitor.  

Claire has featured on various motorsport channels,sharing her expertise and inspiring women to get into motorsport including Girls on Track, part of Motorsport UK, ZoomZoomers podcast and expert advisor to the Ladies Autograss Association as well as training their female British Champion.

RaceFit Fitness & Nutrition Program

As a motorsport driver/competitor it is essential to be in peak physical condition to be able to maximise performance behind the wheel and have adequate fitness to cope with the demands of racing. Having an overall base fitness level helps to overcome fatigue plus be able to perform under pressure and have the endurance required for long races.

 A racing driver, regardless of the vehicle they are racing in is exposed to various factors which the body needs to be trained to cope with, these include: Heat and dehydration G force and impact Ability to maintain concentration when fatigued Physical endurance Reaction and response times

The Naked Warrior’s RaceFit program pays attention to key areas that are sport specific to maximise driver functionality and ultimately their results.

Are you ready to get RaceFit and set yourself up to win?  Register your details here and Claire will contact you directly.

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