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Race Fit

Do you want to improve your racing performance behind the wheel?

Are you ready to get RaceFit and set yourself up for success?

The Naked Warrior’s Racefit program pays attention to key areas that are motorsport specific to maximise driver performance, physical endurance, reaction times, longevity and ultimately their results.  This unique program is utilised by many clients in the UK and Europe

RaceFit Fitness & Nutrition Program

As a motorsport driver/competitor it is essential to be in peak physical condition to be able to maximise performance behind the wheel and have adequate fitness to cope with the demands of racing. Having an overall base fitness level helps to overcome fatigue plus be able to perform under pressure and have the endurance required for long races.

 A racing driver, regardless of the vehicle they are racing in is exposed to various factors which the body needs to be trained to cope with, these include: Heat and dehydration G force and impact Ability to maintain concentration when fatigued Physical endurance Reaction and response times

The Naked Warrior’s RaceFit program pays attention to key areas that are sport specific to maximise driver functionality and ultimately their results.

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Race Fit Testimonials

Eva Drofn Jonsdottir (Iceland)

“I’ve had quite a few trainers in my lifetime but none like Claire.
She provided me with a workout plan that not only was challenging but also fun, in which I started to see progress quicker than I could have imagined. I even saw great progress with my push ups which I never thought I would.
My favourite thing about Claire’s training however is the communication, she is always there for you on your bad days when you need a pick me up as well as on your good days to cheer you on!
Because of her training I feel more confident than ever, not only in my racing but also in my daily life” – Eva


Shannon Tobin, Female Driver, C1 Endurance

I have wanted to improve and change my nutrition & fitness programmes for a while and take them more seriously, whilst also finding a way to fit them into my busy schedule. Signing up to the Formula Woman competition really gave me an opportunity to make a change for the better and also introduced me to Claire.
Claire’s programme has been a huge success for me, I have learnt about nutrition, what my body needs and what I am capable of achieving. Not only have a learnt so much, but it has also fitted into my schedule almost seamlessly which makes keeping it up so much easier. Claire’s weekly check in calls also help to keep me on track and with accountability, and I know she’s always at the end of the phone if I need advice or help with anything.
I continue to train with Claire even after the Formula Woman competition to maintain and continue to improve my nutrition and fitness levels, especially as we hopefully approach some racing opportunities.
So a huge thank you Claire, for changing my life for the better!

Tessa Mijnheer (The Netherands)

I started with the total transformation plan with the naked warrior, in those four weeks I
already saw a lot of changes in my body.

Because I’m participating in the formula woman competition I wanted to do more for my
upper body strength and stamina , so I changed to the racefit program.
In only a couple of weeks I can feel the difference in my overall strength and stamina. I
also have more energy and eat better fit to my daily routine!

The weekly calls and chats with Claire keep me on my toes, always seeking to keep
going and perform better!

I’m very thankful cause I feel more motivated then ever before and I already see
improvement in my karting abilities!”

Shalu James

Having never had a set workout routine before, I was unsure on how to even start
preparing for my formula woman journey.

This is when I had a phone call with claire and
it made me feel instantly more confident with how to proceed. I started feeling the
difference about a week into starting the race fit programme – stronger, healthier and

The nutrition and workout plans that Claire suggests are tailored to me
personally and can also be modified or altered so that makes it so much easier to stick
to them!

Claire also holds me accountable for the workouts which acts as an additional

Raj Kular

“My tailored programme with the Naked Warrior has been really great. The first month
focused on developing my upper body strength and overall fitness, with the second
month including additional focuses on core training and stamina.

I love the rotational nature of my weekly plans and I’ve discovered gym machines and
exercises that I’ve never used before; ensuring the workouts remain exciting and

I can definitely feel and see the gains to my karting ability and ultimately supporting my
Formula Woman ambitions to become a racing driver: building my steering strength,
endurance fitness and ultimately improving my driving prowess and race craft!

you Naked Warrior!!”

Katie Duncan

“Since starting my personalised programme with Claire, I have felt noticeable changes in my energy and fitness levels, mood, strength and overall motivation.

The meal plans are delicious and the workouts are intense, especially the push ups superset with tricep kickbacks!!

With Claire’s positive mindset coaching and my determination and commitment, I aim to demonstrate my fitness level and driving skills in my upcoming formula woman assessment day.

Fingers crossed for the win!” 

Kate Sophoclides

I signed up for Claire’s RaceFit Programme to help me prepare for taking part in the Formula Woman Competition. She created a workout programme and meal plan to help me meet my fitness goals ahead of the assessments.

The programme started by improving base fitness and strength then adapting to include more sports specific exercises. The workouts are all varied and adapted throughout the period which makes them enjoyable whilst definitely effective.

There are also regular calls and check-ins, making you always feel supported, motivated and accountable to achieve the goals set. Knowing that Claire was always around to answer any questions and provide support at any time was super helpful and has made the whole programme really enjoyable.

I definitely would recommend this programme for preparations for any motorsport pursuits.

I’ve really enjoyed it – thank you so much!

Aurelie Maingre (France)

I’m so happy of my 1st training with Claire, The Naked Warrior , with a specific training for racing drivers.  I wanted a targeted support to prepare myself better to the F Formula Woman competition. 

I was really weak in my upper body so I needed more strength and better general overall stamina.

In only few weeks I could double my strength weights in most of my exercises, I have more energy through out the day, my mind is getting sharper and I pushed more on my flexibility as well.

I also realised I wasn’t eating enough and we are working on adjusting this, to find my right balance, to keep fueling correctly my body.
I am very thankful because it gave me the support I needed to push and motivate myself to be back in action towards my goals.

Thanks so much Claire!

Let’s continue the work to reach more goals!

Rebekah Apparicio

Claire has been an absolute game changer for me!!

I started my program as part of my Formula Woman journey & just wish I had met her sooner! Not only has Claire helped me with my fitness & nutrition, the overall experience has boosted my confidence massively – complete mind, body & soul program!

I have always found staying motivated with workouts & eating properly really difficult but working with Claire it has been so easy! Even during my busiest time at work (where the craving for chocolate is always high) I kept on top of my food & exercise which is a miracle in itself.

Before I would rely heavily on ready meals but Claire’s meal plans have changed all that! So easy now with the help of the meal plans so I’m never out of ideas & am so open to trying foods that I would generally avoid as I’d claim to not like them but realise now I’ve been missing out!

My diabetes has been better controlled since starting too & will only continue to get better as I progress which has taken a huge weight off my shoulders as I’d worry about long term complications from my bad eating habits.

Honestly cannot believe the change – I am a new woman! I am so determined & energised – Claire’s mantra of “Why be average when you can be alpha?” has now been stolen as one of mine I remind myself of daily & whenever I face a bump in the road!

Thank you so much Claire – can’t wait to see where this takes me!!

Amy Riley UK

I’ve really enjoyed working with Claire, and seen real results from the RaceFit programme. I especially appreciated Claire changing up my programme for me as I changed gyms to make sure I was getting the maximum out of the equipment I had. The nutrition programme was varied too, giving me lots of new meal ideas and allowing me to tailor it to my likes and dislikes. Check in calls kept me accountable and Claire was always on hand to answer questions give me some added extra tricks, tips and exercises  to help tailor my fitness towards motorsport requirements. Thanks Claire!

Eliza Seville UK

I wanted to make a change to my diet and fitness for a long time and Claire gave me the push to finally do something about it!
As a bit of a chocoholic I was always snacking on sweet things and having sugar crashes regularly. Claire gave me the recipes and tools needed to prepare healthy snacks that could replace my craving for chocolate and were still very tasty! She made it so easy to make the change.
I have a labour intensive job however I have never been that fit and not put much time aside to work on building my muscles before. Claire put together a programme that was tailored to my body and fitness level and has helped me build muscle where I was lacking before as well as improving my cardio. Week by week we have increased the intensity which makes it very satisfying to see my improvement from week one! August last year I couldn’t do one press-up and now I can do three sets of 20! Claire made all these changes in my life and routine so easy to do, always checking in and helping with other areas of preparation for the Formula woman competition with the Race Fit programme. I feel so healthy and energised all the time now so thank you Claire!