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I always cringe at the sight of my before photos. I used to hate looking in the mirror. I felt old and the mirror just made that feeling real! I have 3 young kids who would lovingly bring home all manner of bugs back from school and I caught them all! One after the other. Run down was my state constantly!  But I wanted to make a change! I reached out to a friend who like me had kids and within 5 days the fog lifted! I could think again.

My energy levels raised! And for the first time in a long time I actually wanted to exercise
Amazingly the weight just fell off! I went from the biggest I’d ever been at a size 14 to a size I’d also never been – a size 8!  Maintaining that has been the easiest too.  I’m now happy for the first time ever when I see myself naked!

Like so many people I tried so many different ways to lose weight and would always put it back on. It was at just after Christmas and I saw a photo of myself which really hurt. I was overweight and ashamed to look at myself in the mirror. I committed to a 30 day program. I continued until I had lost 10 kilos, I felt amazing, proud and I would smile when I saw myself in the mirror. I became motivated to exercise again, even entering a 10 k run. I was never into running but the feeling I got was amazing. I began to believe in myself. My focus now is being healthy and healthy ageing.

“Before” I was a tired, frazzled, exhausted Mom. I felt uncomfortable in my own skin. I could hardly show up for myself and my family like I really wanted to. I had just had baby number 4 when I was introduced to Isagenix. I was a skeptic, believe me! But I was willing to try anything. I thought, I’ll try this for a month and see “how good it works”. Well almost three years in and I have no intention of “stopping”. It’s a lifestyle. I love it more and more as time goes on! I lost my weight within the first 10 months just using the shakes, no cleansing until 2.5 years due to breastfeeding and I have maintained since, adding muscle as I go. I am now full of energy, I feel younger now than I did in my twenties. I FEEL amazing and that’s what it’s all about for me. I’m so grateful I gave it that first 30 day trial. This lifestyle has changed mine and my families lives.



Before I started my journey, I thought when you got old you gained weight, had no energy and felt constantly tired.  Oh how wrong I was. I had no idea what healthy felt like. I know now that fuelling your body correctly, support and exercise are the key and that Claire was able to help a 50yr old feel 40 again