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Claire is an international leading nutrition and training coach for women in motorsport, her unique skills and experience of over 20 years in the health and fitness industry alongside her own racing career in karting provides the knowledge and experience relevant to the specific dynamics that motorsport racing demands.

Claire is a BIKC (British Indoor Karting Championships) Ambassador and Team Sport Karting ambassador and competitor, formed part of the Formula Woman Health and Fitness team in 2021 plus Fitness & Nutrition Coach for a bespoke Driving Academy and Ladies Autograss Association and preferred trainer and nutritionist for the British University Karting Championships (BUKC).
Her knowledge and experience is sought after and Claire has presented regular educational features for FIA Girls on Track, part of Motorsport UK, and features in ZoomZoomers podcast and regularly asked to attend specific educational events to showcase her work within motorsport, most notable being asked to cocreate an interactive exhibition at Coventry Transport Museum dedicated to Women in Motorsport.

The Naked Warrior’s Racefit program pays attention to key areas that are motorsport specific to maximise driver performance, physical endurance, reaction times, longevity and ultimately their results. This unique program is utilised by many clients in the UK, Europe and USA. 

Outside the world of motorsport, Claire is incredibly passionate with empowering women – as well as being the CEO of The Naked Warrior which delivers online coaching programs and Founder of The Naked Warrior Tribe online community, Claire is the author of two books – The Winning Formula :Discover the Secrets to Unleash Your Alphafemale and The Winning Physique: How to Get the Competitive Edge on Stage.

As a leading female mindset, nutrition and training coach, Claire works with women to lose the mental junk holding themselves back plus identify their triggers and self sabotage habits so they can create strategies to achieve success and their desired results

Through her tribe community, women are empowered to be bold, brave and unafraid and take back control of their lives. The unique mindset, nutrition and training coaching helps them overcome the blockages and mental junk holding them back with achieving their desired results.

Claire has previously featured in Marie Claire, Clean Eating, Oxygen, Women’s Fitness, London Business Magazine, Brainz Magazine, Bride to Be and Essex Baby plus created and presented an online TV channel for Australia and NZ’s largest Personal Training Franchise.

Claire Johnson is a certified personal trainer, health coach, nutritionist, NLP practitioner and group exercise instructor currently based in Essex with over 20 years of international experience working in the UK, Australia and New Zealand in both the commercial and corporate sectors.

Do you want to amplify your life, push through the barriers of social stigma and finally step into your alphafemale power? The Winning Formula shares the mindset secrets from women at the top of their game on how to achieve and be your best. Get yours here.

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