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Personal Trainer In Chelmsford, Essex

Claire Johnson is a leading certified personal trainer, health coach, nutritionist, NLP practitioner and group exercise instructor based in Chelmsford, Essex.

With over 20 years of international experience working in the UK, Australia and New Zealand in both the commercial and corporate sectors, Claire is a specialist performance coach for women within motorsport as well as a transformational expert for women who want to transform their body, mindset and health.

Claire’s focus as a female empowerment coach and ladies personal trainer helps women to feel confident, ditch the obsession with the scales and start to love their bodies.  Claire is a pregnancy and postnatal nutrition and exercise specialist, author of The Winning Formula and The Winning Physique, TV presenter plus an experienced figure competitor.  

This unique blend of skills and experience have enabled Claire to help many Clients with their weight loss goals, to lose body fat, prepare for figure and bikini competitions as well as maintain fitness during a healthy pregnancy plus return to exercise post birth quickly and safely, helping mums to get their pre baby body back.


Through The Naked Warrior, Claire is able to provide a wide range of programs to suit your needs. These include one to one personal training in Chelmsford either at Riverside Ice and Leisure, in your home through her mobile personal training service in or online. 

Claire currently teaches a wide range of Group Exercise classes around Essex, including Les Mills RPM, BodyCombat, Bodypump plus pilates, spin and her unique CJ’s Fight Club program via the online community The Naked Warrior Tribe.

Claire is incredibly passionate about empowering women and helping them to remove any barriers and mindset blocks that are holding them back so they can reach their potential. 

The Naked Warrior brand is designed to help women step into their true power find their alpha within.  This is achieved through the range of successful online coaching programs Claire has created.

Find Your Fierce

This 4 week program starts each with an online interactive educational session that provides actions to implement, during the week you will have access to an online fitness class and the week will end with a live Q&A session where you have direct access to ask anything!

What you get:-

  •       Strategies that you can implement NOW to get you closer to your goals
  •       Accountability and coaching to push through the barriers restricting you reaching your potential
  •       Private members group of like-minded fearless females that provides support, relatability and educational information
  •       Tools to build the essential foundations to create the change you want
  •       A handle on your emotions and triggers to stressful situations
  •       Connection to your purpose and an energised life!


Alpha Accelerate

24 week program designed to help you take massive action with a complete overhaul of your mindset, body, focus and perspective.  A unique blend of coaching to help break down the barriers that are holding you back, identification of triggers and self sabotage habits hindering your success alongside personalised nutrition and training programs to increase energy and transform your body.  Full accountability, weekly live Q&A’s and support throughout.

What we will do:

Weekly group coaching and interactive educational sessions each with a specific outcome and focus for you to work on.  You will join a supportive community of like-minded strong women, be held accountable to your goals and actions plus have the opportunity for 1:1 coaching if required.


Winning Warrior

A unique bespoke 16 week program that is created specifically for your fitness or health goal.  Following an in depth consultation, this immersive plan provides full accountability, guidance and education to get your desired transformation with direct access to The Naked Warrior.

What we will do:

Following a 75 minute initial consultation and full assessment of your current situation with lifestyle history we create a bespoke plan designed to your goals for a full mind, body and health overhaul.  Identification of areas in your life that are negatively impacting you achieving your desired results with detailed strategies provided unique for you to implement to overcome challenges.  Ideal for someone looking for a full body and mind transformation who is fully committed to making change.


The Naked Warrior Tribe

The free online community created for women who are looking to stop letting self-doubt, criticism and negative self-talk hold them back from achieving their desired results with their health, fitness, body and mindset so they feel energised and confident on a daily basis leaving a positive impact on those around them.


“I want to help 10,000 women become unafraid and be brave enough to take back control of their lives”

The Naked Warrior Programs

Personalised Nutrition Plan

Whether your goal is weight loss, muscle gain, body composition or health-related the food you are eating will impact your result. 

Following an initial consultation to discover current eating habits, dietary requirements and goals a unique eating plan will be provided along with sample meal plans.

Personalised Training Program

It’s time to get your body to where you want it to be with results that last long term, feel confident in your skin and love the energy you have every time you workout! 

Following an initial consultation to discover exercise history, current training plan and goals a unique training plan will be designed to ensure you get there.

Lifestyle Overhaul

A complete program which focuses on your nutrition, exercise and life stress!  This program addresses your current eating habits, makes improvements to your current training plan plus looks at areas of your life with negative impacts that are preventing you hitting your fitness goals. 

Ideal for body transformation, holiday or ‘that dress, goals, following an initial consultation and your tailored program is created.

Amplify your results with regular ongoing monthly reviews with each program.  Online PT sessions can be added to each with 6, 8 or 12 week options.

Currently Claire’s gym based personal training sessions are held at Riverside Ice and Leisure. 

Claire also provides one to one training and group training sessions in local parks around Chelmsford and travels as a mobile personal trainer within Essex to conduct sessions at Client’s homes.  Claire has a range of kettlebells, resistance bands, dumbbells and mats and works with women wanting to lose weight, transform their bodies and get fitter.  


I’ve really enjoyed these last few weeks and although sadly the last week I haven’t had as much time to focus I will be back on it and continuing on it going forward to. It’s not an overnight thing changing life long ways of thinking is it, but you’ve given me some great tools to really empower me. Thanks, Josie


Thank you so much Claire , awesome class as always xx


I always cringe at the sight of my before photos. I used to hate looking in the mirror. I felt old and the mirror just made that feeling real! I have 3 young kids who would lovingly bring home all manner of bugs back from school and I caught them all! One after the other. Run down was my state constantly!  But I wanted to make a change! I reached out to a friend who like me had kids and within 5 days the fog lifted! I could think again.

My energy levels raised! And for the first time in a long time I actually wanted to exercise

Amazingly the weight just fell off! I went from the biggest I’d ever been at a size 14 to a size I’d also never been – a size 8!  Maintaining that has been the easiest too.  I’m now happy for the first time ever when I see myself naked!



Find Your Fierce 4-week program 



Alpha Accelerate 24 week program

Only available after completion of Find Your Fierce

  • £300 per month for 3 months
  • £850 one off upfront payment


Winning Warrior

Bespoke 16 week program price on request


PT Programs with Lifestyle Consultation:-  

  6 weeks 8 weeks 12 Weeks
1x PT session per week £250 £325 £445
2x PT session per week £450 £625 £850



How do I book a program?

Simply go to to join your chosen mindset coaching program or email to enquire and book any program.  Alternatively follow her on Facebook The Naked Warrior and Instagram @_thenakedwarrior


Do I need to have my own equipment for the personal training sessions?

No, Claire will bring equipment to the session yet if you do have your own that you would like to use great, it will be incorporated into your workouts


Will I be given a meal plan to follow?

If you choose a nutrition program then yes, this will be designed to meet your specific needs, goals and take into consideration any dietary requirements.  If you choose a program with a lifestyle consultation included you will be provided guidance on how to improve your current eating habits to help meet your goals


What can I expect from working with Claire?

Claire will hold you accountable to your goals and work with you to achieve them.  You will be motivated and pushed in sessions to exceed your own capabilities.  You will be supported and coached with empathy plus solutions will be created for you.