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The Winning Formula




The Winning Formula

Discover the Secret to Becoming Alphafemale

Do you want to amplify your life, push through the barriers of social stigma and finally step into your alphafemale power?  The Winning Formula shares the mindset secrets from women at the top of their game on how to achieve and be your best.If you are ready to step up, to get a handle on your thoughts and self-talk and stop living life in the shadows, this book is for you!

Discover the characteristic traits, beliefs and actions that are required for you to be successful. Learn from inspirational females who have taken on challenges, gone against convention and come out on top in this series of intimate interviews.

You will discover the secrets of their success plus learn strategies that you can easily implement, as well as learn how to get a handle on your mindset, find your motivational drivers and become connected to the fierce female within.

Are you ready to:-

  • Lose the self-doubt holding you back?
  • Understand how to commit and go all in?
  • Learn how to embrace challenge?
  • Find your spark to ignite your passion?

If so, then this is the book for you!  Warning … reading this book will seriously change your life!