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Ask any solo parent to sum up single parenting in one word and they will probably use the words relentless, non-stop or demanding!  There is always another job to do, another chore to be completed and for many it can be challenging to enjoy a rest or take time out to stop.

I can honestly say there are days when I wake up, or I should say I am woken up by my little guy and do think how nice it would be if there was the other parent around to do the morning routine so I can enjoy the luxury of lay in.  Somedays I would love to be brought a cuppa in the morning, for someone else to make breakfast plus help get ready for the day and even do the school run.

It safe to say there are many days when it would be nice for someone else to worry about the cleaning, washing, groceries and cooking.  Afterall who doesn’t love a meal cooked for them by someone else and then not have to worry about washing up the dishes.

Some days the monotony of the bedtime routine with the requests for just one more book do get tiresome and it would be lovely to pass the baton over and relax with the feet up whilst this was being done.

Some day as a solo parent it can feel lonely and overwhelming, especially during emotional rollercoasters and knowing the best way to discipline and raise a little person.

Of course, the grass is not always greener on the other side.  I am well aware that being in a cohabiting relationship with both parents does not mean that the chores are always split equally and I have been on the side of the fence where they are around and still assumed the main role of responsibility on all levels.

I am sure that every parent, solo or not, has days where they wish someone was there to do a bit extra to help them.  I am truly grateful to all of my support crew that help when I need, who are there for my son and I without questions or conditions.  The ones I can count on no matter what.

It is this that I remind myself of during the tough days, during the days of self-doubt.  No matter what you’re situation in life is, never underestimate the value of those around you.