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Most women at some point during their pregnancy suffer with morning sickness to some degree.  Whether it be experienced actually in the morning, during the afternoon or last all day there can be no doubt that an expectant mothers normal exercise routine is disrupted by the feelings of nausea, weakness, hot sweats and vomiting.

Waking up feeling like the only thing you want to do is run to the bathroom rather than run to the gym of course means your exercise activity will be reduced, however it does not need to be removed altogether.

When you are used to following a structured training program, when the feelings of nausea, tiredness, weakness and vomiting kick in, exercise can be the last thing you want to do.  A routine can be maintained in terms of structure however the intensity will need to be dropped a few notches.

Exercising during pregnancy has many benefits for an expectant mother and can actually help to manage the symptoms being experienced.  Moving on a daily basis helps to get the blood flowing and the increased oxygen energises and invigorates both mum and bub.

Ideal activities include a gentle walk, swim, light weight resistance workout, pregnancy class or yoga session.  Whatever activity is undertaken, your heart rate should be kept below 140bpm, breathing should not become laboured or held as this increases blood pressure plus care should be taken to not overheat.  Always sip water as you workout to maintain body temperature.

If you find you wake up feeling like you want to roll over, then do it.  This means you will not be tired all day plus the feelings of sickness will pass so later in the day you most likely feel that you want to exercise.  Learn to listen to your body and take extra rest that you would normally.  Right now your energy is being used to grow a new baby and this is the priority.

You may also find that it takes you longer to get moving in the mornings so set your alarm for 30 minutes later then take your time.  Feelings of sickness can be alleviated by sipping on herbal tea and should you chose to go and exercise then a small meal is recommended to give you energy and maintain blood sugar levels.

The majority of women experience the most discomfort in their first trimester and find that as they move into the second they become more energised and want to become active.  If this is you then always make sure you get clearance from your medical professional and discuss a suitable program with your Trainer.