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How often have you heard the phrase “eyes too big for your belly?”  This is because the process of eating starts with our eyes and the better it looks the more we want; staring at a delicious dish can actually make your mouth water.

A key element to following a successful healthy eating plan is to make meals tasty.  A common complaint is that vegetables and ‘diet’ food can be boring and bland yet it doesn’t have to be.  With access to such a wide variety of flavoursome food there really can be no excuses in the taste department with every mouthful providing lip smacking nourishment and satisfaction.

How often do you cook at home and what percentage of your meals are eaten out?  To be in control of your results you need to take ownership of what you eat and know exactly how meals are prepared.  Healthy eating starts at home so it is essential to make your fridge inviting and to not be a stranger in your kitchen.  Remember when you were a teenager with a messy room that your mum refused to go in to clean?  This is exactly the same with your fridge, if it’s full of food wrapped in plastic with items going soggy, half open tins, spillages and stains then why would you want to stay home to cook.  At least an empty fridge can be filled with fresh goodness!  Do you know how long you have had every food item in your fridge?  When was the last time you cleaned out the vegetable tray and removed the drops of milk and juice from the door?  Are you met with offending odours that cause you to cringe in disgust when you open the door?

We regularly spring clean our homes to clear out the clutter which is extremely therapeutic and cleansing for body and spirit so can you imagine how you will feel if you do this to your fridge?   With a clean, fresh smelling neatly filled fridge you will be more inclined to open the door and create your own Masterchef dishes.  The more you visit your kitchen, the more your confidence will increase, so then  try experimenting with new flavours and ingredients as this is what makes cooking and healthy eating fun and enjoyable.  Once you reach this stage you will find that sticking to your healthy eating plan for 80% of the week easy and before you know it the goal you were aiming for has been achieved!

CJ’s Top Tips for a Healthy Fridge

  • Regularly clean out your fridge, wiping away all spillages, drips and food bits
  • Remove all vegetables from plastic wrapping and use the vegetable tray at the bottom of the fridge as this prevents moisture building up
  • Shop at least once a week for staple items and buy ingredients you can use in many dishes so you use them up quickly
  • Where possible, store items in plastic jars so you can see what you have inside the containers and group food types together
  • Organise your fridge so you have cooked and raw food on separate shelves and items with an imminent use by date towards the front of the fridge
  • If you find an odour cut open a lemon and leave it inside on a shelf overnight then discard