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I believe the food you eat has a direct impact not only on how you look and feel but your overall health. I also feel that in today society is bombarded with the latest diet or quick-fix solution as well as there being multiple philosophies to follow. In my mind this creates confusion and does not make it easy for you to understand which foods to eat.
The trouble with diets is that they just don’t work. Why? Because when people start a diet they go full on into a restricted eating plan and then come off of it – more often than not this can cause a rebound causing people to go back to their starting point or end up in a worse place! This not only can be emotionally draining and disheartening, it also causes unnecessary stress on the body.
Eating should be enjoyed and we should eat to live not live to eat! Food should nourish the body and food can be used to heal, as Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” and I believe that having “healthy intentions will assist in disease prevention”.