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The Secret to Creating New Habits that ensures you achieve your Weight Loss Goals

Our habits are made up of little things we do as part of our daily lives, often without noticing or thinking much about them. It is these daily habits that are repeated consistently over time which add up to have a major effect on your health and body shape.  Your weight loss goals, or more importantly, maintaining your weight loss results are impacted by the habits you have.

A habit can be anything that you do often enough for the activity to become practically automatic – brushing your teeth is a perfect example.  When you do a specific activity regularly and train yourself to do it repeatedly, it becomes second nature and that is why it is essential to create healthy habits that will set you up for success.  More importantly, this is why you should create healthy habits early in childhood with your little ones so that these become easy to maintain.

Create a habit that fits with your goals and repeating until they become habit so your weight maintenance becomes nearly effortless, or more importantly you create a lifestyle that allows you to get back on track easily should you fall off the wagon.  Put your exercise sessions into your diary and make them an important appointment with yourself.  Prioritise your healthy eating choices over those looking to drag you down and get comfortable with saying ‘no thank you, I have had enough’ or ‘no thank you I do not feel like eating that’.

If you create unhealthy habits such as Friday lunch work drinks or nightly takeaways then this will sabotage your success long term. Because a habit is something you do without much thought, it can be hard to notice when habits are getting in the way of your weight wellness goals.

The type of habits that get in the way of achieving your weight loss goals can be hard to identify because habits are the things you do without much conscious thought. Whether you aim to break old habits, create new habits, or a little of both, keep in mind that your habits are a key part of creating a lifestyle that supports lasting weight wellness.  One of the best ways to make the shift so that more of the right habits are created is to add more of the good stuff in so it pushes out the bad!