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Ok so we are getting closer to the day where the big fat man in red is going to fall down the chimney and drop off a sack full of presents in exchange for a mince pie and glass of sherry!  This festive season let’s break some traditions and whilst exchanging gifts make some swops in the kitchen.  Follow these tips to ensure you stay lean and healthy rather than feeling like you resemble Santa!

  • Make your stuffing with low GI wholegrain bread or oats instead of white breadcrumbs and swop sausage meat for chopped nuts.
  • Why not grill or steam vegies instead of roasting? Break tradition this year and grill asparagus, zucchini, mushrooms and capsicum instead of roasting vegetables that are laden with lard.
  • Swop cream and ice cream for Greek yoghurt or crème fresh.
  • Swop brie, camembert and blue cheese for goats or cottage cheese on your after dinner cheese plate.
  • Swop bubbles for still – instead of celebrating every toast with a glass of champagne, alternate each alcoholic drink for a mineral water with freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice.
  • Instead of creating a food mountain on the dinner table, get creative with decorations so there is less room for multiple plates.
  • Serve food in smaller bowls that are not piled high – let your guests know there is plenty more in the kitchen. This will encourage everyone not to over eat.
  • Swop leftovers for sharing – give your guests a goody bag as they leave to remove all temptation to snack or graze.