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During the winter months it can be very easy to slip into the “World of Comfort” and “Land of Excuseville”.  You may find yourself battling with the blankets in the morning or succumbing to the lure of the TV and sofa in the evening to avoid being out in the cold.  Why is it at this time of year that we allow ourselves to have more treats and indulge?  It is easy to comfort eat and go for the calorie laden food to “feel cosier” and “warm up”.  At the same time as letting our nutrition slide it is easy let ourselves slip into our big baggy comfy warm clothes and before we know it, we are carrying a few extra hidden kilos.  But, the hard work and effort to get you where you are today need not go to waste over winter.  All that’s required to stay on track and avoid being one of the many who rush to get their beach body ready is a little dedication and commitment so that as we come out of hibernation and head into the warmer seasons you can be confident that you will look and feel great.

 Here are our top tips to help you to stay on track:-

  • Start planning your Summer Holiday, where do you want to go and when will it be? Why not book it now and put a picture on your desk or in your car so you can see it everyday what it is that you’re working towards.
  • Go shopping and buy those shorts or that bikini that you want to wear all summer and leave them hanging somewhere in your bedroom so you can see them every day.
  • Put your training clothes by the side of your bed so you roll straight out of bed and into your workout gear.
  • Revisit “Fat Loss Take Control” for healthy options when you eat out to avoid going for the indulgent options.
  • Throw out the baggy comfy tracksuit that can easily be slipped into and unconsciously filled out.  If you can buy yourself a new item of clothing now, then do so and use this to measure any potential weight gain over the winter.  If it starts to feel tight, you know something isn’t right!
  • Make sure you regularly weigh yourself and check in with your measurements and if you find these have gone up then get back on track sooner rather than later so it is easier to manage and there are no scary, unwanted surprises.
  • Commit to someone, help them stay on track with their goal and be their training partner.  Why not commit to doing an event together to assist this?