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What is it that you are most afraid of and do you ever let it stop you living life to its fullest?  I can remember where I went through a period of time when I developed an uncomfortableness around turbulence when flying – I refused to say I’m scared or fearful as it was completely irrational and I had no control over it!  If like me and most of the general population, there is probably one thing in your life that does create feelings of discomfort, nervousness and anxiety.  I have even heard of people being afraid of buttons, the dark, busy places, spiders and heights.  Whatever your fear is; now is the time to take control of it so it does not control you.

The key to overcoming any fear, first of all is accepting that actually it is ok to be a little nervous or unsure of some things – it is when this develops into deeper anxiety that prevents you doing what you want to, that it has become a problem.  Try not to let doubt stop you, if you think positive and believe in yourself this will give you the confidence to try anything at least once.

If there is an activity you have been longing to do yet those around you are putting negative thoughts in your mind then try to seek out people you know who have already done it so they can provide support and valuable advice for you.  This will assist to boost confidence as well as ignite the excitement within to try something new.

Remember also that why sometimes there may be a little risk involved, the chances of anything extreme happening is minimal – adopt the mentality of what’s the worst that could happen?  Seriously you may even enjoy overcoming your fear!

Take pride in knowing that the process of conquering your fear will leave you stronger both mentally and physically – you will grow and no doubt open yourself up to more opportunities.

  • To make change and move forward in any area of your life you need to get uncomfortable and by challenging yourself to new experiences life will be exciting, not boring, repetitive or stale! 
  • Reward yourself when you face your fear, congratulate the inner you and be grateful that you had the power from within to help
  • Find inspiration that will help you overcome fear and surround yourself with support that will help you
  • As with any goal, allocate a time to do what you need to do.  If it helps do some research as the more knowledge you have the greater your confidence can be as the unknown has been reduced.

Choose to experience life as the adventure it is – sometimes it can be a wild ride and when you hit the speed bumps just make sure you hold on tight!