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Every female on the planet wants to have a fat free body, they want to feel tight, toned and sexy.  Many women fall into the trap of overtraining on cardio and forget the most important type of training for fat loss and that is strength or weight training.  So why do ladies avoid weights?  Generally the comments you hear are:  “Weights are for men”, “I don’t want to look like a man” or “I don’t want to get big and bulky”.  Well Ladies let me tell you that this simply won’t happen unless you start taking illegal supplements – we simply do not have enough testosterone in our bodies to build muscle like men do.

So why should you train with weights?  The most important reason is that weight training builds and maintains muscle and this is the key element to revving up your metabolism, even when you are at rest, with an increased lean muscle mass your metabolism will burn more energy.  The more muscle you have the greater your capacity to store carbohydrates which means you can eat more carbs without them being converted into fat.

Women who regular train with weights will find that their body becomes tighter and their shape will be transformed into a strong athletic figure without saddle bags or bingo wings – isn’t this what every woman wants?

As you get older the metabolism naturally slows down – your resting metabolic rate will drop approx 2% every decade after the age of 20 due to a loss of muscle mass.  By weight training and building muscle regularly and consistently you will ensure that your muscle density is maintained and thus ensure your metabolic rate continues to stay fired up.

The process of lifting weights puts stress on the muscles and the body responds by building more muscle cells to compensate for the new loads being placed upon them and this cell generation requires energy – hence your tight toned body has the capacity to burn more calories.

The other essential reason why women should do weights is that it can prevent the onset of osteoporosis or brittle bones by ensuring the bones stay strong.  During exercise when the muscles are being stressed the ligaments that attach the muscle to bones pull on the bone which stimulates cell growth and calcium deposits as the body ensures it is capable of taking the stress loaded.

Other benefits of weight training include:-

  • Increased strength and everyday functional capability
  • Reduction in blood pressure
  • Less risk of developing Type II diabetes
  • Stronger immune system
  • Healthier joints
  • Increased balance and performance
  • Calcium Retention
  • ‘Delayed Aging Process